Established in 1997, the Iowa City Learning Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to provide innovative learning opportunities and experiences.

ICLF offers an unusual curriculum that cuts right to the heart of what matters. Many participants note these courses are one of the most important things they have ever done–many say they wish they had taken them sooner!

Our participants come from all walks of life and from as far away as Arizona, Washington, and Florida. Most have observed positive effects of the classes in the lives of family and friends, and wish to experience new possibilities in their own lives.

Courses offered through ICLF are led by our certified, experienced coaches whose aim is to help individuals become more effective in everyday life.

The three Core Courses, The Power of Language, Discovering Your Authentic Self, and the Results Program (RP) provide the opportunity to see our lives in new ways and to practice new actions that lead to greater satisfaction, achievement, and peace.

We also offer short courses in communication, listening, parenting, and other personal growth areas. Learn to:

  • listen better
  • manage commitments, not time
  • clarify your vision for the future
  • manage moods
  • identify and address common concerns with others
  • give and receive feedback
  • develop, maintain, and enhance relationships
  • exercise creativity
  • build trust
  • enlist others in achieving goals
  • feel at peace
  • have more fun!

We invite you to become a part of this learning so that you too may experience more fulfillment with your family, career, relationships, and the world.