Core Curriculum: Education For Living (EFL)

The foundations of the education offered by ICLF are presented in three core seminars: The Power of Language, Discovering Your Authentic Self, and the Results Program. While each course is a prerequisite for the next, and the richest learning comes from completing the series, there is no requirement to take all three seminars. The Power of Language alone can be a life-changing experience.

EFL I: The Power of Language

Through engaging conversation and experiential processes, you will learn about trust, relationships, moods and emotions, and the difference between truth and opinion. You have an opportunity to notice the stories you have learned, decide if they have been holding you back or moving you forward, and then choose, through the power of language to update your beliefs in order to create a more fulfilling life. (Friday evening, all day Saturday/Sunday, Monday evening)

EFL II: Discovering Your Authentic Self

Through a series of engaging and innovative experiences in a supportive environment, you will have the opportunity to practice and embody your learning from The Power of Language. You will learn how to give and receive feedback, and try on new ways of being on your journey to increased integrity and authenticity. (Wednesday afternoon, all day Friday/Saturday/Sunday, Monday evening)

EFL III: The Results Program

This course offers the opportunity to integrate learning from EFL I and II into everyday life. Through small group conversation and community experiences, you will personalize the learning and make it your own. You will learn to negotiate competing commitments, deal with recurring difficulties, and identify your purpose in life. (all day 3 weekends over the course of 6 weeks)

Other Courses Offered

Karen Fox: Living Peace Series

The Living Peace series was developed to create a cohesive peace promoting experience for participants.  The four sessions will include a Guided Imagery Peace Meditation followed by brainstorming ways to find peace; exploration of three different meditation techniques;  a discussion about virtues that can help us live peacefully; and a review of what has been experienced in the series followed by a Sound Bath with Crystal Singing bowls.

The Teen Course

An introductory seminar designed for teens aged 14-17 who are interested in discovering substantial new possibilities in their lives. The teen course teaches important skills in language which will increase effectiveness at homes, school, friendships and other areas of life. (Friday evening, all day Saturday/Sunday, Parents join Sunday afternoon for graduation)

Effective Listening For Life

A two-day course created and coached by Janet Shepherd Ph.D and Joanna Lawson Ed.S, LMFT, that examines all aspects of listening. It is an opportunity to observe yourself in a supportive environment, noticing how moods, stories, and preconceived notions get in the way of listening well. Through small and large group interactions, you will identify your own barriers to listening, increase your capacity to be a great listener, and enhance relationships in all areas of life. Prerequisite: Education for Living I: The Power of Language.


The Foundation sponsors the M&M Lecture Series, which are short “bite-sized” bits of learning that are available at no cost to all interested participants. These lectures are typically offered six to twelve times per year. Each lecture is a 90 minute presentation by one of our coaches, usually held at the Iowa City Public Library.


A limited number of scholarships are available throughout the year for taking an ICLF core course. To apply for a scholarship you register and pay the $100 deposit for the course you are applying for scholarship assistance in attending. Scholarship application forms must be completely filled out and submitted to the Course Coordinator. Scholarship applications are processed in the order they are received, so you are encouraged to apply early for your intended course. If a scholarship request cannot be honored, an alternative payment plan will be established which may require you to reschedule the course you are applying for, or, you may receive a scholarship for the next scheduled date for that course. If neither alternative option works for your schedule, and a scholarship cannot be awarded for the desired course, you may receive a refund of your $100 deposit.