iclf_big_optThe domains collectively are important aspects of human concern and possibility. Education For Living offers the list of 13 domains not as an exhaustive list, but as a list of likely sources of joy and fulfillment or suffering, concern, and worry depending on the choices that individuals make.

Aspects of our Way of Being – values, beliefs, standards, and experiences – are all within, about, around, and related to the 13 domains. Nearly every action we take and choice we make is related to at least one of the domains.

Domain Examples

Body – Medical health Exercise, Good/diet Personal condition and apearance
Play – Sports, hobbies, vacations
Social – Friends
Relationships – Colleagues, establishing trust with others
Family – Marriage, having/raising children, caring for others
Work – Job skills, employment commitments
Education – Formal schooling, learning/developing competencies. Ontological Design
Career – Choosing a direction for developing yourself. Overall preparation and design. Professional public promotion of oneself.
Money & Finance – Salary, income, budgeting savings and investment.
World – Politics, environment, social issues
Dignity – Self-respect, self-esteem, standards of performance
Situation – Mood, temperament, the “Dance of Life”
Spirituality – Religion, poetry, music, art, philosophy, questions of origin and destination.