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Coaches Janet Shepard, Susie Bender, Joanna Lawson, Robert van Dusen

From left: Robert Van Deusen, Janet Shepherd, Joanna Lawson.

Robert van DeusenRobert M. van Deusen, Ph.D.

Robert has been an ICLF coach since 2011, coaching EFL I, EFL II, and the Teen Course. He is now professor in the University of Iowa College of Education, husband to the woman who introduced him to ICLF, father of a daughter studying education at the University of Northern Iowa, brother to four siblings, uncle to nieces age 5 to 37, former elementary and middle school principal, former elementary teacher grades 3-6, and the list goes on…. All of this to show how each of us has a complex web of relationships making it imperative that we are clear about our commitments and how we communicate about them. Find out more about this distinction in EFL I: The Power of Language.

Joanna LawsonJoanna Lawson, Ed.S., LMFT

Joanna is an Educational Specialist, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist. She has been an ICLF coach since 2011, coaching The Power of Language, Discovering Your Authentic Self, The Teen Course, The Listening Course, and several short courses. She is a Brit, a lover of books, mother of two amazing sons, stepmother of 2 fabulous steps, and “Grantie” to 3. Noticing the many ways of being we all have available to us, Joanna has chosen to become a yoga teacher, energy healer, online IFS consultant, and start and build a wonderful new relationship. Find out more about all the various ways you can be in your life in EFL II: Discovering Your Authentic Self.

Janet ShepardJanet Shepherd, Ph.D.

Janet is an ICLF Coach, an Internal Family Systems therapist, a licensed psychologist, and an explorer of language who has taught courses and workshops through ICLF since 2003, including The Power of Language, Discovering Your Authentic Self, The Results Program, The Listening Course, and many other short courses. She has redesigned her life on multiple occasions, with a history of training in psycholinguistics and neuropsychology. Currently she enjoys a private practice in Iowa City.  Recently she married a delightful man, developed a new family, and journeyed to Bali, England, and Australia. She values intention and focus as a context for choosing goals and designing what we want in life. Learn more about designing your life consciously in the Education for Living III: Results Program.

Other Instructors

Karen FoxKaren Fox

An energy healing practitioner of Reiki, since 1998, adding Sound Healing, ThetaHealing® and meditation guidance over the years, Karen’s mission is to help people empower themselves to live the most fulfilling life possible. Each of her practices augments her clients’ experience and opportunities to explore their limitations, release them and replace them with beliefs that support each client’s growth.