Courses and Curriculum

M&M Lecture Series

The Foundation sponsors the M&M Lecture Series, which are short “bite-sized” bits of learning that are available at no cost to all interested participants. These lectures are typically offered six-twelve times per year. Each lecture is a 90 minute presentation by one of our coaches, usually held at the Iowa City Public Library.

Short Courses
The Iowa City Learning Foundation offers numerous short courses that introduce or extend our core cirriculum. These courses generally take place over a day are are typically offered on Saturdays. Please visit our event page for more information on upcoming courses.

Core Curriculum
The ICLF offers the following series of three core courses. While the courses must be taken consecutively, and the richest learning comes from completing the series, there is no requirement to take all three courses.

Stage I
Stage I teaches new ways to understand who we are with greater objectivity. As we become more aware of seeing our identities in the world, we gain freedom to make conscious choices--or declarations--about how we wish to live. Learn more...

Stage II
Using distinctions learned in Stage I, this course invites us to look at current commitments, both intentional and unintentional. Since actions speak louder than words, what do our actions say about us? Are our current commitments helping us achieve our goals and dreams? In a series of engaging and fun processes, we take a look at our way of being and claim how we want to be!  Learn more...

Results Program (RP)
The Results Program offers opportunity to integrate learning from Stages I and II into everyday life. In RP, we become aware of recurring patterns that cause conflict or take us off course from our goals. RP gives extended practice at using this learning in everyday life.  Learn more...

Graduate Courses
The Iowa City Learning Foundation offers Continuing Learning courses to graduates of ICLF classes and others in the general community throughout the year. Some of the continuing learning courses are led by local coaches. The Foundation also brings in nationally known coaches from all over the country. Courses are offered in a variety of formats, from several hours to longer courses which take place over several months. Visit our events page for more details on upcoming courses. Past courses have featured coaches such as Charlie Bloom and Stuart Heller.